Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional & Modern Zabdi Jewelry Store

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional and Modern Ideas

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Table Of Contents
  1. Traditional Anniversary Gifts
  2. History of Traditional Anniversary Gifts
  3. Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year – Which Gift Should You Give?
  4. What exactly does all this mean for you?
  5. Conclusion

History of Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary gifts have been around since the Victorian era in the UK and the US. Gifts are usually given to show your love for one another on a special occasion. What began as practical items like clothing or household goods have progressed to more sentimental items like personalized jewelry, framed photographs, and scrapbooks.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular traditional anniversary gifts and modern anniversary gifts and provide ideas for thoughtful gift-giving year after year!

The modern version of the list is less well-known than the classic list but the first official compilation of anniversary gifts was published in 1776 by Washington Irving in A History of New York. Gifts are usually purchased and given once a year to celebrate the longevity of your relationship

Traditionally, there was no “one” list for traditional anniversary gifts but instead, they were based on material goods that reflected the stage in life you were at in your marriage.

The most likely guess is that the idea of assigning each year with material originated in the Victorian Era.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional & Modern Zabdi Jewelry Store

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year – Which Gift Should You Give?

Here you will find a list of traditional anniversary gifts by year, additionally we’ve added some modern gift ideas. Just follow our list to get a great idea for your next anniversary wedding gift.

1-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Paper

Paper is a traditional gift for the first year because paper can easily become damaged. People often give paper as a symbol of transition from one step to the next. A paper is a traditional gift that lasts for a lifetime if taken care of properly. It can be used to make scrapbooks, cards, and notes.

Modern Gift: Clocks

Clocks are modern gifts for first-year anniversaries. They represent the passing of time and are typically made with metal or wood and can be functional or decorative.

2-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Cotton

The traditional anniversary gift is cotton. This versatile material represents both comfort and strength. Like threads of cotton woven together, so too will your marriage become more interconnected in time.

Modern Gift: China

China is a symbol of the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship. China means different things to different people, but in general, it’s a symbol of the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship.

3-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Leather

Traditionally, the third year anniversary is given gifts of leather. This symbolizes protection and security for the third year. It represents the growth of your relationship into a more stable partnership.

Modern Gift: Crystal or Glass

Crystal and glass are both beautiful stones, but they represent a different aspect of the beauty that is human life. Crystal has been used as a traditional anniversary gift because it symbolizes light.

4-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Fruit or Flowers

Traditional anniversary gifts include fruit or flowers. These are the most commonly given gifts because they’re inexpensive and widely available. It symbolizes the growth of your relationship as a flower that has bloomed.

Modern Gift: Appliances

More practical gift. Appliances such as a mixer or coffee maker can be very popular. Modern anniversary gifts are not always traditional. You can make a surprise gift of an appliance that will help you both feel more settled in your relationship.

5-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Wood

Wood is a traditional gift for the fifth anniversary as it symbolizes the growth of your roots since you first met.

Modern Gift: Silverware

.Silverware is a traditional wedding anniversary gift, but it can also be an affordable and meaningful present for any occasion.

6-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Iron

The traditional gift is iron. Iron is a strong material and it symbolizes the strength of your marriage that remains strong after six years.

Modern Gift: Wood Objects

Gifts made out of wood suggest stability in your marriage. Wood symbolizes the growth and stability of your marriage.

7-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Copper or Wool

The traditional gift for an anniversary is copper or wool. Copper helps create heat, much like the warmth you give each other.

A copper or wool anniversary gift will be a timeless gift that is just plain cozy.

Modern Gift: Desk Sets

The traditional anniversary gifts are usually pearls, flowers, or chocolates. However, there’s a new trend emerging that may seem more modern, but still romantic. Desk sets have been around for a while, and they’re now becoming more popular as the perfect gift.

8-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Bronze or Pottery

The traditional anniversary gifts are bronze or pottery. Bronze is a metal that indicates strength and it was created by the ancient Egyptians to make their bodies immortal.

Modern Gift: Linen or Lace

Linens and lace are both delicate and refined. Although these materials have been traditional anniversary gifts, they’ve now evolved into modern-day luxury items because of their value and beauty.

9-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Willow or Pottery

Since ancient times, pottery and willow have been traditional anniversary gifts. Pottery is typically hand-made by artisans who create their pieces by sculpting clay. Willow is typically a plant that grows in wet soil and if it’s harvested from the wild, its branches are often twisted into a spiral.

Modern Gift: Leather

A leather anniversary gift is a perfect marriage of the old and new. This present will have a lasting impact on your relationship. In the past, leather was used as a way to protect oneself from the elements. This is because it was durable and offered protection against cuts and bruises. Leather is also a classic gift option for your anniversary as it signifies durability and strength.

10-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Aluminum or Tin

Every couple celebrates their 10th anniversary. One of the most popular traditional gifts is aluminum or tin. It symbolizes a long happy marriage that requires flexibility.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

If you are celebrating your 10th anniversary, it is a good time to get diamond jewelry. You need to pass one decade in order for your marriage to be like a diamond piece of jewelry.

11-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Steel

The traditional anniversary gift is steel. Steel symbolizes the unbreakable bond between man and woman in their 11th year of marriage.

Modern Gift: Fashion Jewelry

Traditional anniversary gifts could be a watch or a piece of jewelry. But in modern times, fashion jewelry is the way to go. Fashion jewelry can be worn every day and it’s always on-trend.

12-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Silk or Linen

Silk or linen. These textiles are woven from natural fibers such as plants, animals, and minerals for use in clothing, home decor, and other uses.

Modern Gift: Pearl

Finding a pearl is like finding treasure. Pearl jewelry can be given as an anniversary gift or any time you want to give something timeless and meaningful.

13-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Lace

Lace is a traditional gift for anniversaries. From the Victorian era up to modern times lace has been used as an anniversary gift. Lace is a symbol of feminine beauty and elegance.

Modern Gift: Textiles or (Faux) Furs

Different fabrics mean different comfort and warmth. The modern anniversary gifts have been textiles or (faux) furs for years.

14-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Ivory

There are many traditional anniversary gifts to choose from. One option is a silver or ivory jewelry set. If you want a more unique gift, look for elephant-themed items such as figurines, wall art, or even a tusk to avoid buying real ivory.

Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

With the modern anniversary gifts, gold jewelry symbolizes unity and is a perfect gift for couples that are looking to celebrate their love. Gold Jewelry is the perfect gift for this year.

15-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Crystal

Crystal is a traditional gift for many couples. It’s delicate but also a sturdy material that can last through generations. It represents clarity and transparency for your marriage to last 15 years and more.

Modern Gift: Watches

Watches are a modern gift for anniversaries. They signify the passage of time and all the years you’ve spent together, plus all the ones you’ll share in the future.

16-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Wax

The traditional gift for your anniversary is a candle. It’s a metaphor for the bond and love you share with your significant other- lit candles represent your relationship.

Modern Gift: Silver Holloware

The traditional anniversary gift for the 16th anniversary is silver hollowware. These are set of dishes that can be hand-painted or engraved with the couple’s name. Typically it symbolizes unity.

17-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Furniture

The most consistent and traditional anniversary gift is furniture. A good marriage will typically develop a sense of familiarity with each other and create a home that is full of things that help build the familiarity.

18-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Porcelain

Traditional and Modern Gift: Porcelain is often given as an anniversary gift. It signifies the hard work that has been put into keeping a marriage strong for 18 years.

19-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Bronze

You might be surprised to read that just like the traditional eighth-year gift, bronze is one of the most popular anniversary gifts. According to tradition, It signifies strength and health even through the toughest times in your union.

20-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: China

The traditional gift for your anniversary is China. There are many different reasons why this choice is traditionally given as a gift from one person to another it signifies that your marriage is delicate and fragile and it needs to be looked after carefully.

Modern Gift: Platinum

Platinum is a new way of giving that is like the 20 years wedded couple. It’s a good idea to give your significant other a gift that will last longer and show them how much they mean to you. Platinum can stick it out through thick and thin.

25-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Sterling Silver

25 years is known as the silver anniversary. Traditionally, it’s a time to celebrate love and family. You can also give more personalized gifts with modern concepts, like sterling silver and jewelry. It’s worth celebrating with precious metal.

30-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Pearl

Pearls signify a long-lasting union that matures from within. This is why pearls are a traditional anniversary gift.

Modern Gift: Diamond

The modern anniversary gift is a gift of diamonds. Diamonds are the best reflection of a marriage and it has been the tradition with many couples to give diamonds to each other on their wedding anniversary.

35-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gift: Coral

Coral is a traditional gift that symbolizes the love of one’s spouse. It was first found in the water near coral reefs, colors representing the various fish that lived in the water. Coral protects the union like love protects marriage.

Modern Gift: Jade

Jade is a symbol of luck, wealth, wisdom, and passionate love. It’s also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to heal ailments.

40-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Ruby

Ruby is a traditional anniversary gift. Rubies are thought to possess a flame that never burns out, so they can be given as an anniversary gift for many years to come.

45-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Sapphire

It signifies a long-lasting love between the married couple. Sapphire is an expensive stone and it can be found in many of today’s modern anniversary gifts. Sapphire has been associated with royalty and nobility because it was the gemstone of choice for crowns and sword hilts.

50-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Gold

The traditional anniversary gifts are generally gold. Gold is a precious metal that has been used as an anniversary gift for centuries. Gold is a very desirable, classic, and luxurious gift. It’s something that has been cherished for thousands of years.

55-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Emerald

Emeralds are a traditional anniversary gift that has been used for centuries. Emeralds represent true love and commitment.

60-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gift: Diamond

Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year: Traditional & Modern Zabdi Jewelry Store

Diamond is a traditional anniversary gift that signifies an enduring love. Diamonds have been the tradition for 60 years. They are also considered to be an affordable and timeless present.

What exactly does all this mean for you?

One of the best ways to show someone that you care is by giving them a thoughtful gift. It’s one of the most important gifts you can give; it shows that they’re special to you and that you’ll be with them forever. A great way to mark a milestone in your relationship is by celebrating each year that you’ve been together with a wedding anniversary gift traditional or modern.

Unfortunately, some people get stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect present for their partner or spouse. What do they like? How much are they willing to spend? This can make finding them an ideal anniversary present difficult and even stressful! Our guide of traditional anniversary gifts will help you find the perfect present for your partner, no matter what you’re budget is.

How can this list help you?

The list of anniversary gifts will help you by providing you with creative ways to show your loved one your love and commitment to your marriage. Traditional anniversary gifts are symbolic of the foundation and growth of your relationship.

The list of traditional gift ideas for each year will help you find a great option. If you’re looking for something more creative than diamonds then our guide to traditional anniversaries gifts is the perfect read for you. We have everything from paper to cotton anniversary gifts that can be created into jewelry with some creativity! Each one represents different types of love, making them unique in their own way.


If you’re having a hard time deciding what to give your special someone for their anniversary, we hope our guide has helped! We’ve shared some of the most traditional and modern gifts that may work well depending on how long you have been in love with them.

Whether it’s your 10th or 40th year together, try incorporating one or more of these ideas into your gift-giving routine this year. And if you need help finding something specific like a special piece of jewelry – let us know! Our knowledgeable team is ready and waiting to provide suggestions until you find the perfect item for your loved one. What do you think would make an awesome anniversary gift?

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