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How to Clean Silver Chain

Clean Silver Chain Tips – Many people don’t take the time to clean their silver jewelry for many reasons. Lack of enough time is the excuse that some give. Others complain of not knowing exactly how to go about cleaning their silver jewelry. Silver tarnish occurs as a result of chemical reactions between the silver jewel and moisture. This moisture can come from air, sweat, perfume, bathroom, and other sources. The silver luster of the jewelry dims as the tarnish accumulates. In this post, we consider different ways of cleaning your silver jewelry using resources within your reach.

Why learn how to clean silver chain?

Using just any cleaning agent on your silver chain may cause it to tarnish. Learning how to clean silver chain will expose you to the right cleaning agents to use on your silver jewelry.

Also, learning how to clean your silver jewelry will enable you to take proper care of them. This will ensure they retain their luster for longer.

Learning how to clean your silver jewelry will save you money that could have been used to replace the jewelry. Money saved can be channeled to meet some other needs.

How to clean regular silver jewelry

Pure (99%) silver can be cleaned by using commercial silver polish or homemade recipes. Commercial silver polish tends to be more versatile than homemade recipes. Some homemade recipes cannot be used to clean silver jewelry crafted with gemstones. However, some commercial polish can clean both pure silver and Sterling silver.

1. Using commercial silver jewelry polish

Materials required: polish, damp cloth


Apply a little quantity of the polish on a damp cloth. Rub the polish up and down on the Jewel. Don’t rub in circles to prevent unnecessary scratches on the jewelry.

Change the sides of the clothes when cleaning the jewelry to avoid leaving behind some tarnish on the outside.

Rinse in water and clean with a dry cloth

2. Using a dishwasher liquid soap

Materials required: Warm water, two bowls or containers, dishwasher liquid soap, micro-fiber towel, or silver cloth.


Get a bowl of warm water and add some drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Shake your hand in the solution until bubbles form.

Soak the silver jewelry in the mixture for 10 minutes.

Use a toothbrush or soft brush to remove scum from the jewelry

Rinse in warm water after cleaning.

Rub the jewelry with a micro-fiber towel or silver cloth until it is dry.

NB: Paper towels can scratch your jewelry, avoid using them.

How to clean Sterling silver jewelry
How To Clean Silver Chain - Zabdi Jewelry Zabdi Jewelry Store

Sterling silver differs from pure silver in strength. It is made up of 7.5% copper which makes it more liable to tarnish than pure silver jewelry.

How to clean Sterling silver jewelry with baking soda paste

Materials required: baking soda, water, toothbrush


Add two teaspoon of baking soda to 10cl of water and mix thoroughly

Use a tooth brush or soft brush to apply the mixture to the jewelry

Rub the jewelry with a micro-fiber towel or silver cloth until it is dry.

How to clean Sterling silver jewelry with corn starch paste

Add two tea spoon of corn starch to 10cl of water and mix thoroughly

Use a toothbrush or soft brush to apply the mixture to the jewelry and allow the paste to dry on the jewelry. This will remove the tarnish.

Scrape off the remaining tarnish with a flat but dull object.

Other ways of keeping your silver jewelry clean

There are lots of DIY strategies you can use to remove tarnish and keep your silver jewelry clean. We have only listed the most effective ones we have tried. Remember to ask your jeweler if the DIY method is suitable for your jewelry.

Use Hand sanitizer

Use your hand sanitizer to quickly get tarnish off your silver jewelry. Apply a small quantity of the hand sanitizer on a piece of soft paper and rub it on the jewelry. Keep rubbing on the jewelry until you get the perfect luster you want.

NB: Don’t use this method of cleaning with silver jewelry that has precious stones embedded in them. Some precious stones might be affected by the constituents of the hand sanitizer.

Baking Soda +  Aluminum Foil

If you have a collection of silverware that you will love to clean without stress, this method is good enough. Get a ceramic pot or baking pan (Do not use a metal pot to avoid unwanted chemical reactions). Place an aluminum foil in the ceramic pot or baking pan. Pour in a gallon of water and allow to boil. Add one and half tablespoons of baking soda. Immerse the tarnished silverware in the boiling water for 15 seconds. Use a pair of tongs to remove the silverware from the hot water. Place it on a paper towel and allow it to cool. The tarnish vanishes automatically. Don’t use this method on jewelry that has gemstones encrusted on them.

How to prevent tarnish on silver jewelry

Taking preventive measures against tarnishing is also a means of keeping your silver jewelry shiny and in good condition. Silver tarnish is usually caused by the exposure of the jewelry to air, water, and heat.

1. Keep silver jewelry in a cool dry place. You can use a soft anti-tarnish bag to store the jewel.

2. You can keep silica, a piece of chalk, or charcoal close to the jewelry to absorb the surrounding moisture.

3. Do not leave your jewelry in the bathroom or any place that exposes the jewelry to the elements.

4. Remove rings and other silver jewelry before using the bathroom.

5. You can also prevent tarnish by wearing your silver jewelry. Friction in everyday life can help scrape off tarnish and keep it in good condition.


There are many DIY cleaning solutions you can use to clean silver chains and other silver jewelry. However, you need to ask professional jewelers whether it is safe to use some of these solutions on your jewelry. Not every type of solution will work for every type of silver jewelry. When you consider how expensive high-quality silver jewelry can be, it is worth knowing how to keep them clean and safe from tarnish.

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