Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Gold Chains For Men – How To Pick The Right One For You?

Gold Chains For Men – There are many reasons that men wear gold chains. Gold chains can be a sign of wealth, status or manhood.

Gold has never been exclusively for women. Gold chain jewelry has been popular amongst men since the 1800s and it’s still going strong today.

In this blog, we will cover the different styles of gold chains for men and help you to make an educated decision on which one would work best with your style.

Why do men wear gold chains?

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Gold chains are worn by men for many different reasons, but the main reason is that gold has always been a sign of wealth and status.

Gold jewelry was first worn in ancient Greece for people to show off their riches! Gold used to be extremely valuable so it became a symbol of power, status and richness. Fast forward centuries later, and this tradition still lives on today with some people wearing these pieces as an expensive accessory or even as part of their everyday style.

There’s no better way to make your outfit look complete than throwing on a great quality gold chain necklace; they never go out of fashion!

Are men’s gold chains in style?

Gold chains make for an iconic men’s accessory. They’re currently trending, and they look great on everyone–even when you’re rocking the ruggedly cool vibe.

How to choose the right gold chain style for you?

When considering what type of chain you should get, start with the meaning behind it. Gold chains are an elegant way to explore your personal style and give off a refined vibe. Gold is currently trending, but there are many different styles of gold chains out there that can be worn for any occasion or event.

So what kind should you choose? You decide! We’ll help guide you along the way so that this decision isn’t too difficult and aligns with your personality and preferences.

Is 10K or 14K gold better?

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Gold chains are typically made from Gold karats, which refers to the percentage of gold contained in the chain. The higher Gold Karat level you go with your Gold Chains for Men, the more expensive it will be.

The most popular Gold chain Karats in the US are 10K and 14K. Should I buy a 10k gold chain as opposed to 14K gold? The answer depends on what you are looking for, if you are on a budget, the cost of gold — per gram — is generally cheaper for 10-karat (10K) than it is for 14-karat jewelry (.14K). This reflects the lower purity of 10K, which contains less expensive precious metal 14k contains a higher purity of gold therefore making it more expensive.

Some Gold Chains for Men are offered in 18K Gold or Platinum, but it is not recommended to make these items a mainstay of your jewelry wardrobe.

The question of whether to buy 10k gold or 14k gold jewelry comes down to individual preference. People may choose to own both types, depending on the situation when they wear their jewelry. We encourage shoppers at Zabdi Jewelry to look for products that offer high quality and long lasting beauty as well as a reasonable price point. You might also consider purchasing both 10k gold and 14k gold chains – if you’re unsure what type you want at first, it’s worth buying one of each, as gold in any of its forms its a valuable investment.

What chain length to choose?

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Men’s gold chains can vary a lot in length – from 14 or 16 inches all the way to 30 inches or even more. The way these different lengths are typically categorized is as follows:

14 – 16 Inches

These chains usually sit very low on a man’s collarbones or chest. This length is good for men who wear short t-shirts, tank tops etc., and if you have long hair that can be pulled over your neck to keep the chain from being noticed.

18 Inches

The best way to describe this length is as an “everyday gold chain” because it strikes the balance between staying out of sight when wearing shorter clothes and still being noticeable enough to look stylish with longer outfits. It sits below the throat at heart level so it won’t show much in deeper V necks, but will work well with wide collars where there isn’t too much fabric.

20 – 24 Inches

The most common size for gold chains that are worn by men is 20 – 24 inches in length. Gold chains for men at this length are usually worn by people who wear dress shirts and ties or buttoned down collars.

26 – 30 Inches And More

Are lengths that typically fall in the luxury or bling category. Gold chains at these lengths are usually worn by people who like to show off the chain, and they often have a thicker heavier style or more links.

In order to pick the right gold chain for you, it is recommended that you know what lengths of Gold Chains For Men work best with your wardrobe style.

What chain thickness to choose?

Gold chains for Men can vary in thickness from 1mm to 20mm . Gold chains for Men that are thicker than 12mm is usually worn by people who like to show off the chain, and they often have a thicker heavier style or more links. Gold chains for men that are between 18-20 mm are considered to be heavy weight gold chains because of their thickness level.

Gold chains that are under 12mm are consider more discrete and are usually worn by people who like to keep their Gold Chains hidden.

If you’re going for a finer Gold Chain in order to dress up an outfit or add some shine then a thinner Gold Chain might suit your needs better. When deciding how thin you should go consider what kind of look you want your Gold Chain to have when it’s on display around your neckline.

The thickness of the Gold Chain that you wear will depend on your personal style and what look you’re going for.

Gold chains can be casual or formal, edgy or elegant depending on the thickness level that’s right for you. What is most important is finding a Gold Chain For Men with the right length and width so it doesn’t get in your way when doing everyday activities such as working out at the gym, driving a car, playing sports etc., which means knowing what size chain works best with each type of activity all depends on how often you do these things throughout your day.

When choosing how thick your gold chain should be you should consider the kind of style you want to show off on your Gold Chains For Men.

Gold Chains For Men

Types Of Gold Chains For Men

There is a wide variety of gold chain types for men to choose from. Gold chains come in different styles and types so there are many to pick the right style for you. Here we explore so of the most popular types:

Rope Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

A rope chain consists of a number of gold segments. These are linked tightly together in groups of two or three, or sometimes with knots and other patterns, resembling the real thing. The segments can be flat, but they are more often curved to naturally clasp the neck. Gold rope chains come in a thin version for daily wear or a thicker and heavier variety which is best suited for formal occasions.

This type of chain has so many variations that it’s difficult to pick out one thing that makes them better than another. The main downside with these types of gold chains is their cost; you will have to pay an average price point upwards from $250 USD up into the thousands depending on what material you’re using.

Rope Gold Chains For Males are really popular among celebrities and athletes who want to display a classy elegant look.

The Gold Rope Chain For Men has by far been one of our favorite types we’ve reviewed so far because it seamlessly blends masculine style with elegance while also being very durable and sturdy-making it perfect for special occasions as well as everyday use! If you’re someone who likes to make fashion statements through their accessories then this type might just be right up your alley!

Curb Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Gold curb chains are types of gold chains that have links designed to interlock when laid flat. This type of gold chain is a good choice for someone who likes to wear heavy pendants or big links. It’s durable and strong, but it can be difficult to clasp the neck shut with this style without a hook closure on one end.

Gold curb chains are a very popular choice, particularly with men who want to display a strong sense of style and fashion.

Gold curb chains are typically worn with pendants that have a long, thin design or ones that can be easily clasped on the front of the chain without overlapping links.

A Gold Curb Chain is ideal for men who like flashy, elegant jewelry and don’t wear many necklaces.

Cuban Link Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

The Cuban link chain is a variation of the standard cable link chain. Of all the types of gold jewelry you could purchase, this is one of the most popular. It features interconnected links that create oval shapes.

Although its not certain where this gold chain originated, its popularity it’s an indication that they have been around for a long time, it has certainly made its name in the jewelry industry.

If you’re interested in purchasing this type of necklace, be sure to keep your budget within reason; they come at a high price point and cost more than other types of gold necklaces. Gold Cuban Link Chains are perfect for men who like gaudy fashion statements and over-the-top accessories.

The Cuban link chains have become quite popular in the hip hop industry as well as in other circles, so it’s not just a matter of taste. Gold Cuban link chains are perfect for men who want to make an unforgettable statement and be noticed by others.

Figaro Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

The Gold Figaro chain consists of two small circular links followed by one elongated oval link; this particular design has been perfected in Italy for over two centuries.

Gold Figaro chains are perfect for men who like to wear their accessories in a traditional manner and prefer subtle, understated elegance with an stylish design.

Figaro gold chains are often adorned with crosses and medallions that have significant meaning.

The Figaro Chain originated in Italy and is named after the popular opera The Marriage of Figaro.

Figaro gold chains are solid and durable, since they’re crafted from Gold, a soft metal that bends or shapes well.

Figaro gold chains have some advantages over traditional link chains. For one thing, they are lighter than most linked designs meaning you can find them at different thicknesses without feeling too bulky – so if you’re not into big weighty pieces this is ideal for you.

Box Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

Box Gold Chain. This type of chain is made from round wire that’s flattened into a square shape and linked together.. Gold box chains are often thicker and heavier than other Gold chains.

The Box Chain is a classic design that goes well with any outfit, whether casual or dressy.

Small chains give the feeling of smoothness and sleekness. Big chains give a more rough or chunky appearance.

A box chain is the most versatile for any type of pendant. They can hold a piece of weighty jewelry with a style and look great with just about anything.

The Gold on these two types of box chains will stay strong for years to come.

This chain type has been around since Roman times when it was used as an ornamental design element in necklaces and other jewelry items. It’s still popular for those reasons today among men looking for a simple yet stylish way to accentuate their outfits or office attire.

Box chains are more difficult to break than traditional links and they can be replaced if a and bangle link does break.

Wheat Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

A wheat gold chain is a chain that looks like an ear of wheat. The links are all in the same direction and it is perfect for people who want an elegant, less flashy chain.

What is a chain made out of? Chains are made out of links that are oval. The links twist around each other to make the chain. If you want to make a cool looking chain, use four strands and then braid them together. When you do this, it will look like wheat!

The shape of the links means that their joints act like little hinges. As such, this style is not as flexible or smooth as other styles. The Chain may be less flexible but it is the most durable. This is because the links are tightly intertwined and soldered together.

This is an ideal choice for men looking to celebrate the finer, more delicate things in life with class and style!

A gold wheat chain looks great when worn by itself as well as layered with other necklaces or paired up with any type of bangle bracelet from our collection. The teardrop links also offer a unique shape that will add depth to your look without being too bulky on your chest area.

You may also find these chains under names such as spiga or espiga chains. They originated in Italy and are believed to be popularized by Italians over time.

If you’re looking for a chain that offers elegance and beauty, this is the one!

Franco Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

This gold chain is called the Franco Gold Chain. It was made by an Italian designer and it has a traditional curb pattern. This pattern is often used by Italian jewelry manufacturers. These chains are thicker and smoother than other types of chains because of the way they have been made with V-shaped links, also known as chevrons, that are linked tightly together.

Franco chain has gained popularity in recent years and is now one of the most requested styles for several reasons.

The Franco Gold Chain is just one of many different styles that offer those things in addition to other gold chain benefits such as being durable and easy on your neck! This makes them perfect for an everyday accessory or even when dressing up for special occasions. They make great gifts too if you know someone who loves wearing this type of jewelry!

Franco links are different from other chains. They don’t get tangled when you wear them in tight clothes. Making it a comfortable choice for an everyday accessory.

Franco Gold Chains come in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit any individual’s preference and style needs. They also offer different colors for those looking for something more vibrant or masculine! Gold chains are an accessory that men should never be without because they can take your outfit from just nice to wow!

Franco chains are strong, and they are unlikely to brake. Gold is a durable material, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

The thickness of the chain can hold up against some wear and tear. It’s not delicate like other types of jewelry that are more fragile.

These pieces make perfect gifts as they are thoughtful but also completely functional too!

Snake Gold Chain

Gold Chains For Men - How To Pick The Right One For You? Zabdi Jewelry Store

This type of chain is called snake because it’s made up of long, thin links that are woven together. Gold chains like these typically offer a finer thickness and look more delicate than other styles. Gold is also less likely to tarnish on this type of chain than others – so you don’t have to worry about the gold changing color or getting damaged as much! These types of gold chains make perfect gifts for loved ones in your life – they’re thoughtful but also practical which help them stand out from typical jewelry pieces.

You’ll want to take into account how the ends will be clasped before buying what kind of necklace material you should get.

Snake chains are rather delicate, as they’re usually made quite narrow. They can break easily, and fixing them isn’t the easiest thing to do. Gold chains with a lobster clasp are much stronger and more durable, but still offer the same classic look as snake chain necklaces.

What are the most popular gold chains for men?

Men tend to wear different styles of gold chains and is difficult to define the most popular gold chain. Gold chains for men come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s a personal preference as to what the best gold chain is. Gold chains with heavy pendants are popular because they make an important statement.

Among the most popular gold chains for men you can find a couple of recommendations . Gold chains with a crucifix pendant are very popular because of the cultural and religious association, as well as being a way to display one’s faith.

Gold curved chains for men have also become widely accepted in recent years. The chain is heavier than other styles like snake chain (which is more delicate), but they’re still thin enough to accentuate your outfit without becoming too heavy or cumbersome. Curved chains tend to be much stronger and less likely to break over time compared with other varieties of chains which depend on either bails or connectors that can wear out over time.

What color of gold chains for men to pick?

Gold chains can be found in a variety of colors, but yellow and white gold are the most popular choices for men. Gold is one of those metals that has been used as currency since ancient times so it’s easy to see why these two varieties have become more widely accepted by society over time. Other colors available in gold chains are rose gold, and black-gold.

When picking a color for your next gold chain consider the following:

– Gold chains are available in a variety of color variations.

– Gold is an ancient metal, which means it’s been around for centuries and has become more widely accepted than other metals because of this.

– Gold chains can be worn with virtually any outfit, from casual to formal, so you don’t need to worry about matching the tones or colors when picking out your next gold chain.

Some people would say that yellow gold looks best on men who have light skin whereas white gold is better suited for dark skinned individuals but there are plenty of exceptions here as well – if you’re not sure then ask someone else what they think!

Where can I buy gold chains for men?

If you are looking to buy a gold chain for men you can visit our website we offer a great selection of gold chains for men, additionally we offer free shipping and a 30 day money back warranty.

In conclusion, Gold chains can be worn with virtually any outfit, from casual to formal. Gold is a great material for men because it looks good on everyone and never goes out of style.

A gold chain is an expression of your style therefore don’t be afraid to show off your unique personality and creativity by wearing a gold chain.

We offer Gold chains for men so make sure you head over to our website at today!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email 😊

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